True Elements Honey Shots
(280 gms)

by True Elements Pune, Maharashtra

True Elements Honey Shots (280 gms)

by True Elements Pune, Maharashtra



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About This Product:

If you are struggling to search for instant source of energy or want to replace the high calorie-sugar candies for your children, then providing them with something nutritious which can benefit their health is the perfect choice for you. True Elements Honey Shots are long tube-like sachets of raw honey, easy to consume whenever you wish to.

Each honey stick consists of 100% natural, raw honey. Just like most processed foods, commercial honey loses its beneficial nutrients when it undergoes the heating process. Hence our honey does not go through any stage of processing or heating. Our Honey Shot sticks undergoes no commercialization and is loaded with nutrients like the energizing B vitamins and immune-boosting C vitamin. Along with antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant properties, these honey shots gives a quick start to keep you active throughout.

Shelf Life
540 days
Veg/Non Veg
Gluten Free
Peanut Free
Lactose Free
Licence Approved
Temperature resistant packaging
Nutritional labeling
About True Elements
True Elements is a health foods brand aiming to be the most trusted Health Brand in the country. Leading Healthy FMCG Food Brand. A brand that is committed to improving the quality of your life, True Elements provides food that is packed with the goodness of nature and taste that will keep you wanting for more. With a range of food items across categories like Breakfast Cereals, Grains & Raw Seeds, Roasted Snacks and other healthy items, each of our products is not only 100% Natural but is also made of 100% Whole Grains. While we stand strongly for Health, wherein our products have a clear functional benefit, we believe that Taste is the most important element when it comes to Snacks. We strive to bring the best range of snacks to you. View all items from True Elements


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