Mango Thokku (grated Mango) Pickles
(300 gms)

by Badhusha Lazeez Bengaluru, Karnataka

Mango Thokku (grated Mango) Pickles (300 gms)

by Badhusha Lazeez Bengaluru, Karnataka



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About This Product:

The Badhusha Lazeez Mango Thokku (Grated Mango) Pickle is their own take on the popular South Indian delicacy. The brand adds its own blend of chosen hand-ground spices along with a royal touch to create a pickle so delicious that you’ll always have it in your home all the time. You also get a complimentary pack of 4 pickles namely, mango, lime, garlic and mixed vegetable.

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Shelf Life
182.5 days
Veg/Non Veg
Gluten Free
Peanut Free
Lactose Free
Licence Approved
Temperature resistant packaging
Nutritional labeling
About Badhusha Lazeez
Raisa Food Products (RFP) brings the finest and rarest recipes from the royal kitchens under the brand name of Badhusha Lazeez. Their range of mouth-watering pickles started in 1996 as a home consumption but then later expanded to serving the discerning customers. It was founded by Azam RM and is now under the effective leadership of his son Siddiq Pasha Azam. Their pickles come from the kitchens of Badhushahi Rajgharana and they produce over 5000 tons of tongue tickling pickles in their state-of-the-art facility on a daily basis. View all items from Badhusha Lazeez
goes best with
Shuchi Khakhra 120 450 gms
Jagdish Farshan 170 500 gms


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