Brahmi Bites Box – 5 Nutrition Bars
(5 bars)

by Medhya Healthy Foods Ambala, Haryana

Brahmi Bites Box – 5 Nutrition Bars (5 bars)

by Medhya Healthy Foods Ambala, Haryana



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About This Product:

Medhya Brahmi Bites is a natural nervine tonic to boost cognitive abilities, support memory function, and sharpen focus! It promotes healthy cell generation and improves circulation to brain with a unique blend of deeply nourishing foods & herbs. Beaming with Omega 3s, antioxidants, and B Vitamins; Brahmi Bites is ideal to protect brain from ageing and oxidative damage! A super delicious crunchy bite that would satiate your hunger, cravings, and fuel creativity!

Shelf Life
180 days
Veg/Non Veg
Gluten Free
Peanut Free
Lactose Free
Licence Approved
Temperature resistant packaging
Nutritional labeling
About Medhya Healthy Foods
Medhya’s is a brand based in Ambala city in Haryana which believes in bringing the best of herbal goodness to everyone. Its products are synergy blends with the highest quality whole ingredients tailored to combat the stressors and ailments we face in the modern world. Medhya Herbals brings to life decades of experience and thousands of years old science into each and every product. The brand has thousands of happy and healthy consumers and works with the motto, Live and Enjoy Life! View all items from Medhya Healthy Foods
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