Bihari Chana Sattu
(Pack of 4 - 250 gms)

by Mamta Food Products Chappra, Bihar

Bihari Chana Sattu (Pack of 4 - 250 gms)

by Mamta Food Products Chappra, Bihar


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About This Product:

Sattu is more than just nutritious food. The Bihari Chana Sattu is made from the choicest chick-peas along with a mix of other ingredients. You can savour this Bihari delicacy in a number of ways; be it as a refreshing drink by mixing it with spices and water or as hot porridge. You can also add it to yet another Bihari delicacy litti. Mamta Food’s Bihari Chana Sattu isn’t only a traditional food product but also a great medicinal food as well, helping in curing gastric problems, anaemia, ulcers, constipation and diabetes.

Shelf Life
180 days
Veg/Non Veg
Gluten Free
Peanut Free
Lactose Free
Licence Approved
Temperature resistant packaging
Nutritional labeling
About Mamta Food Products
Mamta Food Products is a true Bihari brand in every sense. After dominating the tobacco industry for decades, Umashankar Aasu had a calling. He realised that growing at the cost of others’ health does more bad than good. Hence, he gave up on his tobacco business in 2006 and vowed to make products that are healthy and nutritious for everyone. Today, Mamta Food Products is nationally known for the amazing sattu (a highly popular food from Bihar state) along with its quality and hygiene. The brand churns out nearly 2000 kg of sattu everyday, showing how healthy food can overtake unhealthy ones any day. View all items from Mamta Food Products
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