Jowar Crackers Chikki Flavor
(Pack of 4 - 120 gms)

by Heart and Soul Hyderabad, Telangana

Jowar Crackers Chikki Flavor (Pack of 4 - 120 gms)

by Heart and Soul Hyderabad, Telangana


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About This Product:

What happens when you mix sesame seeds, peanuts and homemade sugarcane jaggery (molasses) together? You get one of India's favourite snacks, Chikki. Heart & Soul takes these three main ingredients and mixes them with sorghum dough to create a sweet cracker with a fine balance between sesame and peanut. With reduced amounts of jaggery used as a natural sweetener, this cracker contains 50% less fat than your typical biscuit/cracker. Vitamin B2 is also in abundance to take care of your health.

Shelf Life
90 days
Veg/Non Veg
Gluten Free
Peanut Free
Lactose Free
Licence Approved
Temperature resistant packaging
Nutritional labeling
About Heart and Soul
Heart & Soul is a health food-product corporation based in Hyderabad, India which uses sorghum (jowar) – a drought resistant, high fibre grain as the main ingredient for their health product range. This includes crackers, cookies and instant porridge. It is a local, FSSAI certified company with 80% of the workforce consisting of women. The brand uses local ingredients and typical Indian flavours to make a series of health products and focuses on making products out of local grains like jowar, bajra, and ragi instead of imported grains like oats and quinoa. View all items from Heart and Soul


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