About Brand
Nadiad, Gujarat
SHREE DAS BARFIWALA exists at the Nadiad market since years and celebrating the 4th Generation of successfully offering Sweets, Namkeen and Snacks. We are regarded as one of the most outstanding Sweets Manufacturers and seller in Nadiad. We offer various kind of Sweets, wide variety of snacks including Namkeen and Chocolates as well. The snacks offered by us can be consumed with Tea or Coffee and are available in various types, shapes and flavors. Our Sweets are most famous one among our customers namely Barfi, Rajwadi Peda and Kaju sweets. Additionally, these can be obtained at the most competitive prices. Apart from this, we ensure their availability in different quantities and packaging as per the demand of customers. Sweets and Namkeen add a special touch to every occasion and in Gujarat sweets form an integral part of Celebration, be it Weddings, festivals, Birth of child or any other little or large achievement.