About Brand
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
This history of the authentic Kwality Stick Jaw Toffee started with my eldest uncle Mr. B.K. Ghai of Dehradun Kwality Restaurant who pioneered our famous toffees. Their toffees became a by word in Dehradun. It was his son Mr. M.Ghai who passed on this unique recipe to us on one condition that the secret formula should stay in the family. Raj Ghai belongs to the renowned family of Ghai's who pioneered the chain of Kwality Ice Creams and Restaurants all over India. He is the second generation member of the family. With his background and experience for over 25 years, he has used his skills to come out with exclusive ice creams, chocolates and toffees. He and his team are quality conscientious and wish to bring forth unique products using the finest of ingredients which will distinguish itself from other makers. Kwality Foods bring to you the same toffee which was manufactured over three generations with pride and care. These toffees are cooked in small batches in copper kettles. Only the finest ingredients are used. The result is superb confection distinctive in taste, flavour and texture.