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Agrawals Delight
Indore, Madhya Pradesh
Agrawals Delight, a young and dynamic brand from the family of Agrawal Sweets, Indore has already carved a niche for itself in a short span of time. Known for its mouth-watering and tasty offerings, the brand enjoys a huge fan following. Their Fusion Sweets and Tasty Bakery Products are a must for every occasion. Crafted with pure passion, the products are offered in attractive packaging. The Brand has progressed with the launch of "Agrawal’s" a Boutique Shop in Ujjain thereby taking the famous taste of Indore to the next level.
Ahuja Bakers
Panipat, Haryana
Ahuja Bakers are a much loved brand based in the city of Panipat, Haryana. Since over three decades, they have been synonymous with cakes, pastries, brownies, pies, namkeens, cookies, chocolates and many more confectionary items. Their success is owed to the use of fresh and premium ingredients. Be it any party or craving, Ahuja Bakers will definitely have something to satiate your taste-buds.
Ajanta Sweets
Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh
Ajantasweets Enterprises is an endeavour to take the speciality of making sweets to the next generation, where you can enjoy the same authentic & ethnic taste perfected by the secrets passed on from generations. Not only we shall preserve the rich background of this art but shall continue to innovate and make sure that sweet lovers will keep falling in love with their 'love for sweets' and this great tradition is taken to even higher levels of perfection.
All Good Taste
Mohali, Punjab
The brand has a story as deep as its products and offerings. AG Taste is established by Chetan and his brother in loving memory of their late parents, Ajinder and Gurbir. Both their parents lost battles against fatal lesser known diseases, as Ajinder fell prey to cervical cancer and Gurbir couldn’t survive against muscular dystrophy. Chetan, an acclaimed chef in Michelin starred restaurants started AG Taste for their parents and even today, they donate a significant part of their earnings from their all-natural, holistic foods to the Indian Cancer Society and the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation India. AG taste is a story of family, loss and never-ending love.
Almond House
Hyderabad, Telangana
Impulse matched with an intense nine months of research resulted in the birth of ALMOND HOUSE towards the end of 1989. Assuming the customer's point of view and understanding the implied trust placed by them with regards to purity, taste, hygiene and health, the owners established the motto "Purity... in good taste! Purity... in good will!" Along with a wide assortment of traditional Mithai, Namkeen and Dry Fruits, Almond House also offers a diverse variety of Eggless Confectionery, Natural Ice Cream and Chocolate.
Altom's Foods
Thrissur, Kerala
Altom Foods was started in 1997, introducing a wide range of regional favourite snacks made with authentic traditional recipes. This brand will introduce you the most authentic regional flavours of Kerala along which will definitely leave a lasting impression. From the most common chips to the pakkavadas, Altom Foods will make your taste-buds tingle with every delicacy they offer.
Amba Bhadang
Kolhapur, Maharashtra
From the small but highly popular city of Kolhapur comes the brand Amba Bhadang. Their popularity is because of their phenomenal product named Kolhapuri Bhadang, which is made from puffed rice. This legendary producer does perfect justice to its authentic flavours, local ingredients and age old traditional recipes to please all its patrons, young and old.
Arti's Kitchen
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Arti’s Kitchen is all about authentic homemade chutneys that is multipurpose and can be consumed in daily cooking. Artis kitchen also concentrates on legacy of products which means the products which are or were made by grand-mothers and mothers since last 30-35years to get them on a bigger platform and promote women empowerement The chutney recipes have been passed on through generations, starting from the grandmother. Arti’s Kitchen was started with the idea to provide fresh, homemade chutneys for daily consumption that is healthy and delicious, and that’s what they’ve been doing since day one.
Azad Sweets
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Azad Sweets is a recognized manufacturer & seller of top quality food products and sweets started by Mr. Jumromal V Rochwani in 1st Jan 1958. Azad Sweets & Restaurant has progressed into a top-most brand for delightful sweets and namkeens. Sweets here are delightful healthy foods prepared by using the best ingredients, genuine ghee (butter) and fresh milk products under clean conditions, which gives it a unique identification. From 50 plus years, Azad sweets are still growing strong, serving a variety of sweets and foods in genuine variants in a proper way and winning hearts of customers. By seeing the modern appearance and marketing, azad sweets were the first to manufacture different kinds of delicious sweets in Ahmedabad at extremely affordable range.
Baba Thakur Das & Sons
Alwar, Rajasthan
Baba Thakur Dasji was a halwai even before coming to India from Pakistan after the partition. When he moved to India, he made Alwar his home and started making his specialty milk cakes there. The brand is now a huge success with daily sales of Kalakand between 800-1000 kg. Today, the whole family is involved together in making this business a great success.
Badhusha Lazeez
Bengaluru, Karnataka
Raisa Food Products (RFP) brings the finest and rarest recipes from the royal kitchens under the brand name of Badhusha Lazeez. Their range of mouth-watering pickles started in 1996 as a home consumption but then later expanded to serving the discerning customers. It was founded by Azam RM and is now under the effective leadership of his son Siddiq Pasha Azam. Their pickles come from the kitchens of Badhushahi Rajgharana and they produce over 5000 tons of tongue tickling pickles in their state-of-the-art facility on a daily basis.
Bageera Naturals
Bengluru, Karnataka
Bageera Naturals first brick was laid by the Grazier community successors with the ambition of re-introducing our traditional food product into the diet of every one by eliminating unhealthy refined, polished, packed food products by conducting awareness workshops and selling our products via our channel partners, order over email/phone and e-store (under process). Bageera Naturals acts as thin line bridge between small/marginal farmers and consumers. Bageera Naturals products are grown, processed and stored in an eco-friendly, chemical-free, natural manner, so that consumer gets the full nutrition value of the food.
Bansal Sweets
Amritsar, punjab
Bansal Sweets has been celebrating the sweetness of Punjab with its delectable sweets since 1981. Their sweets personify the spirit of Punjab along with innovation in every bite, which has been a signature of Bansal Sweets since its inception. Initiated by Mr. Ghanshyam Dass Bansal from Amritsar, today the sweet house has made its presence felt in Chandigarh and Delhi as well.
Bapalal Gomtighat Gotavala
Dakor, Gujarat
Bapalal Gomtighat Gotawala has been serving mouth watering gotas in Dakor since over 5 generations. They have brought the same taste to Ahmedabad with their shop in the city where they serve scrumptious items like Magaj, Lasan Bhakharwadi and many more. They are a food legacy which makes foodies delighted.
Baria Foods
Hyderabad, Telangana
Baria Foods specialises in making pickles which are simply extraordinary in taste and texture. Their exclusive range of pickles includes an illustrious mix of delicacies from Goan, Parsi and Mughlai cuisines. Once you taste Baria’s Pickles, you’ll definitely add it to your daily meals for the rest of your life.
Bazaari Funde
Bazaari Funde Pvt. Ltd was founded and started by Debasish Khargharia, an IIM Ranchi Alumnus. Its board and the management comprises of a team of highly talented and energized youngsters from reputed engineering and management institutes.Believing in his core concept of ‘Dream Big’, Bazaari Funde was officially on paper in 24th October, 2013. In the due course of time, two of his juniors from Nagpur, Sourav Paul Choudhury and Pankaj Gogoi and a long time friend of his, Abhishek Duara, formed the core team of Bazaari Funde.
Bean Therapy
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Bean Therapy is a premium handmade chocolate brand based in Mumbai. Mr. Sanjoy Solomon, a chocolatier loved making chocolates which inspired him to start the brand. Using only the very finest ingredients, Mr. Sanjoy loves finding new and interesting flavour combinations which reflect in every chocolate that comes out of Bean Therapy. Every chocolate bar is handmade, checked and then hand packed. The brand, in true sense, serves the finest luxury chocolates for connoisseurs.
Bengaluru, Karnataka
Beantree is passionate about creating healthy and nutritious food that is tenderly handmade in small batches. All their products are free of additives or preservatives. The focus is on filling your belly with delicious nutritious food made with an honest conscience.
Bhagat's - Shree Heera Sweets
Nagpur, Maharashtra
Shree Heera Sweets is a name synonymous with the most mouth-watering sweets and namkeen in the city of Nagpur. The brand offers a wide variety of sweets and namkeens of unmatched quality, owing to which they’re loved and consumed around the globe. Their commitment to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service and the best of culinary excellence has established Shree Heera Sweets as a formidable name in the sweets and namkeen industry.
Bhagat Mishthan Bhandar
Jaipur, Rajasthan
BHAGAT- a name in deshi ghee sweets and namkeens. We are manufacturers of deshi ghee sweets and namkeen's with a rich experience of five generations. Our dedicated hard work and the principles of our forefathers have helped us making the name a brand name in itself and surrounding areas. While understanding our customer demand BHAGAT strives to maintain quality, hygiene, and service. Our responsibility lies in standing true to our patrons and hence we do not compromise in quality, commitment , ethics and the faith in what we do, in stills self-belief to give back to the society what they expect the most. Business for us has meant the people who we have consistently seen walking into our outlet for years. Value for us has been sharing your every little occasion and festival. BHAGAT MISHTHAN BHANDAR is proud to be the taste of your life, the taste of PINKCITY JAIPUR.
Bhakti Farsan And Wafers
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Bhakti Farsan & Wafers is a legendary shop selling traditional Indian snacks with the most legendary flavours. Popular around the entire area and even the whole city of Mumbai, Bhakti Farsan serves some of the finest snacks ever made. From kachori to bhakharwadi, their products have mesmerised people from around the city.
Bhavsar Navinchandra Somabhai
Nadiad, Gujarat
The Bhavsar Navinchandra Somabhai Mithai and Namkeen Shop is a landmark shop in the small town of Nadiad. The shop has been serving mouth-watering sweets and namkeens since the 1940s and is a reputed name across Gujarat. Tradition and Trust are the pillars on which the shop operates, thereby making it an iconic destination for all your sweet and namkeen requirements.
Brahmkshatriya Narshidas Bavabhai
Bhavnagar, Gujarat
NarsinghBava is a formidable name in the Farshan and Food Industry. This business from Bhavnagar is known to be a pioneer in handmade gathiya and farsanof many varieties which are consumed throughout the state of Gujarat. The sheer range of products and taste are a testimony of their finesse and expertise in the farsan industry.
Brownie Heaven
Chennai, Tamil Nadu
When you think brownies, think Brownie Heaven! That’s the idea with which Gold Medallist Chef Nishant created and conceptualised this brand. Brownie Heaven continuously strives to create a benchmark in creativity and presentation with its unique offerings like Brownie Banoffee, Brownie Blackforest, Brownie Cheesecake, Brownie Tiramisu, Popcorn Brownie and many more.
Bynemara Coffee
Chikmagalur, Karnataka
Bynemara Estate, nestled in the Beranagodu hills, has been growing coffee since 1870. Bynemara is named for the fishtail palms that grow abundantly on our estate. Bynemara is a homegrown , single estate coffee. 100 % south Indian and 100 % proud of it. Today, the plantation is also home to thriving crops and spices of all kinds. Our single-origin coffee is carefully hand-picked, sun-dried and roasted in small batches to obtain greater complexity and maximum flavor resulting in a superior coffee.
Chamong Tea
Kolkata, West Bengal
Chamong Tee Exports Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in 1992 as the trading arm of the Group. Its primary objective was to market and export directly the produce of the Group's gardens, both in bulk as well as value added form. Operations soon expanded to include trading in all varieties of teas, so that customers could be provided with a varied product mix with standards tailor-made to suit their specific requirements.
Chandravilas Namkeenwala
Jodhpur, Rajasthan
Prabhu Dayal Khandelwal walked towards a new-found freedom when he established Chandravilas Namkeen in 1947, the year of India’s Independence. What began as a small family business is today one of the most famous brands of Rajasthan – the land of colours, palaces, chivalry, and hospitality. This Jodhpur-based company that started with a handful of namkeen and sev now boasts more than 70 food items. These products reach every nook and corner of Rajasthan to satisfy millions. Not just manufacturing, the packing of products too is done hygienically with highest-quality standards. ChandraVilas Namkeen was awarded the most hygienic shop way back in 1950 and it continues to be a benchmark under the ownership of Naveen Khandelwal. Apart from expertise, the enterprise has a strong customer focus. It has grown over the years by keeping a close watch on demands and changing market trends. It keeps bringing in newer and innovative products. The brand offers a gamut of products such as bhelpuri, cheese garlic sev, falimathri, flaxseed, garlic sev, hingsev, maida kaju, mixture, and papad dal. Each is distinct in taste and flavour yet there is a common thread running through them – that of purity and high quality. Chandravilas Namkeen prides itself in serving its customers nothing but the best.
Chhabra Sweets
jalandhar, punjab
Chhabra Sweets and Delights is a popular sweet shop based in the lush area of Jalandhar, Punjab. Their scrumptious offerings are the perfect concoction of modern technology and contemporary Indian tastes. Chhabra Sweets has been serving a wide assortment of traditional Indian sweets since over 5 decades, along with constant innovation with the changing times. Reminisce your childhood with the sweet delicacies from Chhabra.
Choco Fantasy
Kolkata, West Bengal
In the bustling locality of Kasba, Kolkata lies a store which has captured the sweet tooth of many life never before. Choco Fantasy serves the most delicious and mouth-watering chocolates, lollipops and raisin bars which will leave you taste-buds mesmerised with just one single bite. You can now savour the same authentic flavours at your doorstep with Food Memories.
Jaipur, Rajasthan
Chocorex is a brand which takes pride in serving the palates of numerous chocolate lovers in Jaipur and the rest of our country. Based in Jaipur; Chocorex is the home of fancy, handmade chocolates that add a certain unmissable sweetness and joy to every celebration. All their products are handmade with focus on quality, purity and absolute yumminess.
City Bakery Mangalore
Mangalore, Karnataka
City Bakery has a legacy which started with Late Mr. V. S. Prabhu in 1925 along with The City Biscuit Works around the same time. With thoughts and ideas way ahead of his time, Mr. Prabhu’s bakery whipped up surprisingly delicious delicacies that he came to be known as ‘Biscuita Vasudeva’ (Biscuit Vasudev). His butter rusk, popularly known as Benne Butter has been a roaring success and till date is lovingly consumed as a light crunchy snack. City Bakery is not only a brand but a feeling for the people of Mangalore, if not more than that.
City Bakery Pune
Pune, Maharashtra
The City Bakery in Pune has been serving mouth-watering baked delicacies to the people of Pune since many decades, day in and day out. Be it their signature khaari or the nut biscuits and delicious cakes, their products have been in almost every household and dining table. They definitely are the best in the baking business in Pune.
Bengaluru, Karnataka
COCOSUTRA is a Gourmet Food Company with a variety of ready to eat/quick to serve food products that aim to make the lives of busy people easy. Their product list is carefully curated after surveying the wants of today’s global Indians and identifying gaps in the supply. They are crafted by experts with perfected recipes using all natural ingredients in a hygienic environment. All you have to do is – add your magical final touch and make them your own. Their flag ship product is Granola, an all-day breakfast cereal made with all natural ingredients and over 20 superfoods in the form of whole grains, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, nut butters, fresh fruit and vegetable puree. Effortless, delicious, nutritious and filling, our artisanal granolas are crafted to be power packed so they can give you the maximum bang for every bite. Join the revolution in healthy eating with our CEREAL KILLER Granolas! They are India’s first frozen cookie dough company! Stock up your freezer with our cookie dough and be prepared when cravings strike. Our luscious and exotic hot chocolate blends can satisfy your cravings like no other!
Dehradun, Uttarakhand
DevBhumi is a well-known business based in Dehradun, Uttarakhand and organically and naturally produces certified organic honey, certified organic spices, forest silk garments, certified organic rajma and a variety of natural fast dyes using local plant material. It is unique in its own way as it is owned by its producers, primarily rural women from remote villages in the high Himalayas of the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. While the board consists of farmers with the products being procured from over 4000 village households, DevBhumi has a dedicated management and staff professionals along with an international advisory board to carry out the day to day aspects of the business.
Dhanashree Gruha Udyog
Thane (W), Maharashtra
Dhanashree Gruh Udyog is a well-known brand in Thane, Mumbai known for their range of ready-to-cook mixes and spices, some of their products are authentic Maharashtrian recipes tuned into easy read-to-cook mixes. Premium quality ingredients are used in making these mixes and they are packed maintaining the highest levels of hygiene.
Dhatu Organics
Mysore, Karnataka
Dhatu was born out of a pure passion for bringing a wide range of the most healthful and environmentally conscious products and services to consumers who share the same values. The purpose was to create a thriving eco-system all the way from the farmers to the consumers, by following ethical practices to promote holistic wellness and sustainability. ‘Sambhuti’, a unit of Dhatu Organics, is a certified organic production facility following India Organic and USDA Organic standards. It also has QMS (Quality Management System) in place equaling the ISO-9001 standards. Started in Mysore, as a journey towards achieving greater excellence in quality, the unit has mastered challenging tasks like storing, sorting, sprouting, cold milling, and other traditional organic process which supports retention of high nutritional content in food. The journey of continuous quality improvement, innovation, and increasing our product range continues.
Dhodha House
Ludhiana, Punjab
Dhodha House, popularly known as ‘Dhodha’ is a leading Indian sweets producer which has been around since 1912. This family owned business is now a multi city and state player, with its finest quality sweets sold across the towns. An effective distribution and payments system coupled with an obsession for superior quality ensures Dodha House remains at the top when it comes to Indian sweets.
Dilbagh Sweets
Jalandhar, Punjab
Established in the year, 1947, at, Jalandhar, Punjab, “Dilbagh Soan Patisa Private Limited” are a trusted organization engaged in Manufacturing and Supplying a wide gamut of Exotic and Delicious Sweets and Namkeens. Dilbagh Sweets have succeeded in achieving great name in this domain by offering Premium Sweets, Namkeen Snacks, Dilbagh specialize in producing best quality Patisa in many flavors, Desi Ghee Laddu, Malayi Sweets, Chocolate Sweets and many more. And in February 2014, we opened our doors at Canal Road, New Adarsh Nagar, Jalandhar, Welcoming visitor to our unique new experience.
Jaipur, Rajasthan
Dilbahar was established in the year 1976, is the leading manufacturer & supplier of Mouth Fresheners known as "Mukhwas", Yummy digestives known as "Churan" & Sweet Suparis. It is one among the most preferred names in offering a wide range of ayurvedic products such as Adrak pachak, Anardana goli and others for more than 30 years. In addition, it also offer Scented Supari and Mouth Fresheners. All the products are made by utilizing the ancient science of Ayurveda with our technical expertise, it bring forth the medicinal benefits hidden in the lap of Mother Nature.
Double Horse
Thrissur, Kerala
Manjilas is the mother brand of Double Horse and was founded in the year 1959 as a rice milling company selling high quality rice grains. The Founder – respected Late M. O. John was a visionary entrepreneur much ahead of his time which led to the brand’s dominance for over 55 years. Good food, for all is the motto of the brand which works with the commitment to deliver only the best to its customers. Today, the brand has evolved to serve its customers who lead a modern lifestyle with a range of products like rice powders, breakfast mixes, instant mixes, wheat products, curry powders, and condiments to name a few.
Dry Fruit Corner
Amritsar, Punjab
From the culturally rich city of Amritsar comes a brand which has been a top quality manufacturer since 1934. Under the leadership of Mr. Kulwinder Singh, Dry Fruit Corner has established itself as a market and quality leader in products like Pickles, Sharbats, Papads, Wadis etc. Apart from these items, they also specialize in retailing various types of dried fruits and nuts. Inarguably, the brand is a personal favourite of many in various regions of the country.
Earth Loaf Chocolates
Mysore, karnataka
Earth Loaf Artisan & Raw Chocolates are certified bean-to-bar chocolate makers who use organic Indian cacao beans exclusively for all their products. As artisanal chocolate makers, the brand focuses on bringing the best out of the cacao beans, with respect to their complex flavours and unique terroir (climatic influence on flavour) characteristics. Small batches of chocolates are produced with much perfection. The fruity and zesty flavours of cacao beans combine with the subtle fruity notes of Palmyra sugar along with licorice and a long finish. The chocolates are usually made in low temperatures to preserve all the natural goodness and nutrients which are mostly lost in the traditional chocolates.
Evergreen Sweet House
Delhi, Delhi
Evergreen Sweet House is a prominent destination for food lovers in South Delhi since almost five decades. Established in 1967, it has been an instant favourite of numerous people owing to their wide range of delicious namkeen, dry fruits, chocolates, cookies and much more.
Fab Box
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Fab box is a healthy snack subscription box company! They like to call themselves a healthy habit that customers love! They are on the mission of making snacking healthy and fun. Their snacks are broadly categorized as Nuts, Healthy Bars, Dried Fruit Chews, Health Bars, Nutri Mixes and Nom Noms.
Flat Tummies
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Flat Tummies provides the urban people with mouth-watering delicacies which are high on taste and low on calories. Keeping in mind today’s fast paced lives and sedentary work cultures, Flat Tummies brings gluten free and fat free food options which keep you from getting fat or high on sugar content. Say goodbye to health worries and hello to yummy fat-free lifestyle.
Flavors Of Punjab
Amritsar, Punjab
True to its name, Flavours of Punjab was established in 2014 with the sole aim to bring the hidden treasures of Punjab in the spotlight. From eatables to accessories, from footwear to other traditional Punjabi items; Flavours of Punjab has been doing that since then. Start with Amritsari Aam Papads, golis and churans; the brand now sells papads, wadiyans and other traditional Punjabi products which carry a heritage so great that it will surely astonish you.
Future Organics
Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu
Future Organics believes in preserving and protecting nature along with ensuring the common well-being. Their belief in natural traditional nourishment in curing 85 percent of human diseases led to an in-depth research about organic food and how it can benefit people by providing a whole new experience. Its objective lies in serving people, food that is completely natural and organic with no pesticides and preservatives. They believe this is the best way to revive one’s health and body with the best of nature’s lap!
Ganache Panache
Kolkata, West Bengal
The Cake Shop is much more than just your usual cake shop. They specialise in making handmade cakes with oodles of love, operating right in the heart of Kolkata. Be it any occasion, Ganache Panache excels in coming up with the perfect cake to celebrate it in the most extravagant way.
Gangaram Amarchand Halwai
Ajmer, Rajasthan
Gangaram Amarchand Halwai is one of those rare brands which have never failed to impress their consumers every single day. This legendary business was established by Gangaram Guman Puria in 1898 and is still a huge success to this day being run by the fifth generation, Jawarilal Bansal. When it comes to sweets and namkeens, there are very few brands which can come even close to what Gangaram Amarchand Halwai can offer. Their expertise in serving one after the other delicious sweet and namkeen is a testimony in itself of the fact that they’re the best at what they do. The products are so tasty and up to the mark that even former PM of India, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee had praised their sweets at a function in Ajmer in 2003. With over 118 years of existence, the brand is poised to grow stronger and stronger every day.
Ganguram Sweets
Kolkata, West Bengal
Ganguram Agro Pvt. Ltd. has an illustrious history that is a century old. What started as a tiny sweetmeat shop in the 1880s is now a major sweet shop chain with over 27 outlets in Kolkata city itself. The product list counts to more than 200 distinct delicacies which are prepared by skilled and experienced cooks. Ganguram’s popularity can be gauged by the fact that they are the preferred sweet suppliers to many prestigious government organizations, multi cuisine restaurants, 5 star hotels, and major corporate houses and even the residencies and secretariat of the government of West Bengal.
Gardner Street Tea
Mumbai, Maharashtra
For time immemorial, India has considered tea to be synonymous with Chai – a milky, sweetened and sometimes spiced blend of tea leaves. In more recent times, Green Tea, Oolong tea and herbal teas have gained popularity, but they’re still consumed in their most basic forms. Our founder – Rashi Sanghvi, knew of tea only as the breakfast chai her parents drank to kick start their days. That was until she discovered the infinite flavour combinations of tea during her travels in the chill of Boston and the spice markets of Turkey. She realised that India had very little knowledge of the variations of tea on offer, and took it upon herself to show the world’s second largest producer of tea how it could be enjoyed in new and flavourful ways. She established Gardner Street as a brand that experiments with fruits, flowers, herbs and high quality tea leaves to create an irresistible, healthy beverage that can be cherished at more than just the breakfast table.
Good Juicery
Pune, Maharashtra
The Good Juicery is founded and run by a group of big believers who believe in breaking out of routine. Be it trying a new cuisine or cycling to work instead of taking a cab, they live for these moments which make life good. The Good Juicery came along while they were out seeking, exploring and experimenting. Unimpressed by the availability of only a few premium healthy drinks to suit their lifestyle and the majority having surprisingly low juice content and packed with ingredients that you don’t need, don’t want or can’t produce. So they decided to make one. They are all goodness, made from just a handful of ingredients - with no preservatives or artificial ingredients - making it safe to drink for everyone, children too! They are also made with ZERO added sugar and 80% fruit juice! Above all, these juices are refreshing, light and delicious. They are made from delicious fruits exotic flavours mingling with local favourites, adding a little sparkle to keep things fun.
Goosebumps Pickles
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Goosebumps is a brand fostered by three mothers, creating lip-smacking pickles, spices and after-meals. They ensure the quality and taste by making their products under the warmth of natural sunlight and not the artificial electronic lights or machine heat. Their take on the traditional Indian as well as modern products adds that extra bit of flavour to each of their product.
Gopal Sweets
Chandigarh, Haryana
Gopal’s had a humble beginning with a quaint little store in Patiala. Mr. S. Hargopal Singh started a sweet shop which quickly gained popularity and soon Gopal’s was the preferred destination of every household in the city. As business grew, they expanded to Chandigarh where their store is still known for its quality, hygiene, presentation and packaging. Needless to say, Gopal’s is a sweet house you must not miss if you have a sweet tooth.
Gopaldhara Tea Estate
siliguri, West Bengal
Gopaldhara Tea Estate has been serving mesmerising range of exquisite teas to the world since over six decades now. Established in the year 1955, Gopaldhara Tea Estate boasts of a strong legacy of production, marketing and distribution of full range of diverse tea products. The total tea production of the group is around a whopping 3 million kilograms spread over four tea estates. From the most basic White, Oolong, Green and Traditional Darjeeling Teas to the rare exquisites like Pearl Tea, Stupa, Olympic Flame, Peony Rosette and Silver Needles; Gopaldhara Tea Estate is known and loved for the innovation they bring in the tea business.
Gourmet Treats
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Gourmet Treats by Chef Ishjot Suri started with a humble beginning when the founder, Chef Ishjot got an order for a few boxes of chocolate from a good friend. Unsurprisingly, the chocolates became a huge hit within his circle of people, working as the unintended and unplanned first step towards creating a gourmet food category in India’s untapped market. Today, Gourmet Treats is introducing gourmet cuisine into regular Indian homes and successfully bridging the gap between healthy and tasty food.
Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Gulabs is a brand which makes high quality, delectable hand crafted Indian snacks. With a long list of praise-worthy qualities and USPs, Gulabs serves a huge customer base with a wide range of Khakhras, Pickles, Sharbats, and Masalas. Their products are always true to their name and taste, and a great treat for your taste-buds.
Guru Nanak Store
Delhi, Delhi
Gurunanak Stores are veteran grocery suppliers who are specialists in dry fruit retail. It has a carved a niche as one of the qualitative providers of dry fruits in Delhi. The stores house impeccable quality almonds, pistachios, raisins and cashews. The well-known stores have managed to record huge sales over the years owing to the innovation that they offer with chocolate layers, honey coverings and roasted nuts. Rated very highly by its customers, Gurunanak Stores is poised for higher growth with their consistency in quality and fine packaging. Born of humble beginnings with founder Ms. Ravinder Kaur, the store has now achieved widespread popularity with its online deliveries too.
H.k Gopal Masala
Kutch, Gujarat
Gopal Gruh Udyog is synonymous with authentic Indian masala taste in the entire Kutch region of Gujarat. With products which are not only innovative in taste but also represent the traditional Gujarati taste, Gopal Gruh Udyog has ruled the masala market for many years of their existence and continue to do so even today. Every household will definitely have one or the other product from Gopal Gruh Udyog in Kutch.
Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu
Tirunelveli is a quaint little town in the state of Tamil Nadu. While many towns in India can boast of a range of specialty food products, Tirunelveli stands apart from them with its Tirunelveli Halwa. This kind of halwa is synonymous with the town and whoever tastes it at least once knows why it will always be a specialty in a world of numerous types of sweets and snacks.
Hameedi Confectioners
Hyderabad, Telangana
Hameedi Confectioners was started by Mohammad Hussain back in 1910 when he was just a 15 year old Turkish Boy. Legend has it that his sweet shop was the first in the city of Hyderabad during the rule of Nizam. His most popular specialty, Jouzi Halwa was made only at his shop and became so popular that the last Nizam tasted it himself. He liked it so much that he named the shop after one of his sons. Even after more than 100 years, the shop stands tall in the same locality, whipping up delicacy after delicacy which the Hyderabadis proudly consume and cherish.
Heart And Soul
Hyderabad, Telangana
Heart & Soul is a health food-product corporation based in Hyderabad, India which uses sorghum (jowar) – a drought resistant, high fibre grain as the main ingredient for their health product range. This includes crackers, cookies and instant porridge. It is a local, FSSAI certified company with 80% of the workforce consisting of women. The brand uses local ingredients and typical Indian flavours to make a series of health products and focuses on making products out of local grains like jowar, bajra, and ragi instead of imported grains like oats and quinoa.
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Heerson has been a formidable name in sourcing and retailing dry fruits, nuts, snacks, sweets and mukhwas since 1975 in Vile Parle, Mumbai. With their unmatched expertise and innovation in flavours, Heerson Stores are the preferred destination for many.
Hindusthan Sweets
Kolkata, West Bengal
Hindusthan Sweets is a pioneer in creating ready to eat sweetmeat from Kolkata. They are the first to venture into making the traditional Indian sweetmeat into a healthy food option with inclusion of herbal ingredients. From specialty sweets to the conventional ones, Hindusthan Sweets is a household name today in the state of West Bengal.
Honey Twigs
Delhi, Delhi
While doing their masters in London in 2008, Jigar, came up with an idea to change the way honey was being consumed and Paras seconded it.Five years later, the duo launched Honey Twigs, with Jigar as the honey connoisseur and Paras steering the brand’s business vision.Together, the two have channelled their passion for food to build a company that aims to bring pure and delicious honey to all parts of India and beyond, making your life sweeter one twig at a time.
Gurgaon, Haryana
Hungry Squirrel is the brainchild of Rohan & Parul – fitness freaks, foodies and globe wanderers at heart. Simply speaking, they’ve been in love with ‘Health and Nutrition’ for over a decade now. The brand is all about bringing the basics back to food and love the energy derived from raw unprocessed ingredients.
Inner Being
Hyderabad, Telangana
Inner Being is a Hyderabad based brand which believes in the wellbeing of the inner self through enriching foods. The brand deals in foods which are full of nutritious goodness and add a new spark to life. Healthy living starts with healthy eating, and the brand communicates this through all their unique food products. You’ll definitely want to add their products to your daily meals.
Ishka Farms
Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu
Ishka Renewable Farm Private Limited (IRFPL) is a new generation company established in 2012 with a vision to tap into the sunrise sectors in India like Agriculture and Food Business combined with energy sufficiency from clean, green and renewable sources for captive use. Ishka Farms in Tamil Nadu is spread over 365 acres of agricultural land in Niravi Pudhupatti Village, Ettayapuram Taluk, Tuticorin District. This is just 95 KM from Madurai and 45 KM from the Tuticorin Port. South Tamil Nadu is known for its arid, barren and dry inhospitable terrain. The average rainfall in this region is below 600 mm while the mercury touches an easy 45 degrees Celsius during summer!
Jags Foods
Amritsar, Punjab
JAGS Food Industries Pvt. Ltd. has a long and powerful legacy which started with Mr. S. Makhan Singh Anand (1922 – 2004) who started his own business of Green Tea in Maharaj Gunj, Srinagar after moving from Rawalpindi, Pakistan. With hard work, dedication, and sincerity, he became a formidable name in the industry in a short span of time. Along with his son Mr. Joginder Pal Singh Anand, they diversified the business and today, Jags Food Industries has created a niche for itself for providing the best products to the consumers. Starting with Tea, Rice, Saffron Instant Mix Tea; the company has established itself as a renowned supplier and exporter of different varieties of tea along with honey, dry fruits, whole spices and many more quality products. With its own manufacturing and testing facilities, Jags Food Industries Pvt. Ltd. is poised to capture the FMCG industry with its quality products.
Bharuch, Gujarat
Launched in 1985, Jabsons Foods is a division of a longstanding legacy – Jabsons Cottonseed Industries Pvt. Ltd., a part of “Jairamdas Bhagchand” group which is over 100 years old. The group has always been at the forefront of technology advancement, being known as Cotton Kings of Vidarbha till the late 70s. Today, Jabsons is the first and only HACCP Certified Co. in India with a processing plant that manufactures peanuts in several flavours.
Jagdish Farshan
Vadodara, Gujarat
Jagdish Farshan is a common household name in numerous Gujarati households since its inception in 1938 by Shri Raja Ratanlal Keshavlal Kandoi. What started as a small homemade sweets and salty edibles business is now a well-established farshan brand all across the state of Gujarat.
Bengaluru, Karnataka
Jagger is a venture by the husband-wife duo of Girish Ramanathan and Priya Girish. Hailing from a big business house, Girish supports his wife Priya in this venture of creating mouth-watering dark chocolates which are high on taste and nutrients alike. Priya, a passionate cook, accomplished artist and a devoted homemaker combines her knowledge of Traditional Cooking, Diet and Nutrition with organizational skills to create these Beautiful Indian Jaggery Chocolates.
Jain Vijay Farsan Mart
Jamnagar, Gujarat
The Jain Vijay Farsan Mart is a landmark store in the city of Jamnagar, Gujarat. With humble beginnings in 1979, Rajubhai Padhiyar’s love for Kachori led him to open a store which sold the traditional kachori. What started as a small store is now a heavily thronged Kachori junction popular amongst the local people and tourists alike. Rajubhai still believes in the age old method of manual production and packaging, thereby preserving the same old classic taste of his kachoris which made him famous decades ago.
Jalaram Sweets
Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh
Jalaram sweets has been serving people with delicious sweets and namkeen since 1976. Founded by Dhirajlal Mohanlal Thakkar, the sweetmeat shop was later taken care of and managed by his three sons. Now the third generation is taking forward the legacy in the family business by continuing to offer terrific sweets that stand the test of time, with the choicest ingredients possible. To cope with the changing market and growing steadily, Jalaram Sweets have now incorporated Ratlami sev, as part of their offerings. Now the store specializes in preparing the best Ratlami Sev, namkeen and sweet products. With their new offerings, they have made a name in the local market, especially by continuing to serve pure and tasty products.
Jayhind Sweets
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Jayhind Sweets is one of Ahmedabad’s oldest and most loved sweet shops since 1948. The company expanded into preparation of high quality dry fruit sweets with automated processing that ensured top quality hygiene. Jay Hind Sweets continues to maintain its focus on quality using only 100% pure ghee in all its preparations.
Mumbai, Maharashtra
The Jiwa family are traditional Atta manufacturers since 50 years. The products are manufactured and packaged inhouse at state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Khopoli, Maharashtra.
Joshi Budhakaka Mahim Halwawala
Mumbai, Maharashtra
In a vast metro city like Mumbai, Joshi Budhakaka stands tall as a legacy untouched by any adulteration. Ramesh Joshi heads this modest shop selling extraordinary sweets that are famous world over. The Mahim Halwa has established the shop as THE destination for sweets with ties dating as long as the Portuguese era. So much so, that Joshi Budhakaka’s sweets have been consumed and commended highly by big business houses like the Tata’s.
Just Pressed
Delhi, Delhi
JustPressed™ Cold Pressed Craft Juices are 100% pure and natural with no additives at all. Especially hand crafted for a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit, the range of special six juices have delicate and exceptional flavour notes. They are packed inside thoughtfully produced bottle and can be considered as top-notch fruits and vegetables in a bouquet of subtle yet distinct flavours and aromas. Truly, JustPressed™ is “Nothing but Juice”.
K's Kitchen
Pune, Maharashtra
K's Kitchen signature range of conserves, dressings and sauces needs no introduction. Quality, variety and creativity is our mantra. In keeping with current food trends we have created new recipes to add to our repertoire. The entire process from the careful selection of the fruit to the production is handled by a small dedicated team. There are no shortcuts and no compromises. Pune Farmers’ Market is the only Indian brand offering such a wide range of international flavours made from carefully sourced ingredients. Taste the world at home. Our jams are based on traditional English recipes. The whole process, from the careful selection of locally sourced fruit to the production is long and painstaking with no short cuts. We think it is worth it. We hope you do too! Our range of International sauces are as close to home-made as you can find. These are innovative combinations with herbs and spices. Tasty and wholesome they will help you create marvellous dishes effortlessly. All you have to do is pour or dip!
K. C. Das
Kolkata, West Bengal
K. C. Das is a truly legendary sweets brand with origins in the vibrant city of Kolkata. Founded by the visionary Krishna Chandra Das, the brand has been synonymous with India’s favourite sweet rossogolla. Since many decades, K.C. Das has been a pioneer in Indian sweets and is a formidable example of values and traditions which keeps the culture of India intact.
Churu, Rajasthan
A reliable Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Namkeen, Bhujia, Sweets, Papad, Masala Papad, Potato Chips, Plain Papad made from natural ingredients. Their range is known for its authenticity, optimum taste, aroma, purity and nutritional value. They can be consumed for breakfast and/or brunch. To retain the freshness and original quality of these food products, the range of Namkeens is packed in vacuum-sealed plastic sheets.
Kandoi Bhogilal Mulchand
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
The house of Kandoi Bhogilal Mulchand is synonymous with pure ghee sweets in almost the entire city of Ahmedabad. This legacy which dates back to over 150 years has been a part of every celebration, big or small of many generations. Their quality is unmatched while their flavours are distinct and inimitable. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Amdavadi celebrations are incomplete without sweets from Kandoi.
Kandoi Velji Kara
Kutch, Gujarat
Kandoi Velji Kara is one of the oldest and most renowned names for sweets and snacks in kutch. This traditional halwai shop is currently since 1901 being managed by the family’s fifth generations but still maintains flavour and quality from yesteryear. Their most popular item is the Pakwan, with a recipe that was invented by the great grandfather of the current owner. Other specials include the sweet breakfast item Saatta and a variety of Farsans
Karachi Bakery
Hyderabad, Telangana
A staggering chronicle of six decades and still going strong, Karachi Bakery has emerged as a "True Icon of Hyderabad Baking" with a reputation that is unmatched to the core. With focus on innovation, developing new products while improving the existingproducts to evolving consumer needs, the secret of their excellence lies in the meticulous care and detailed craft that goes into each and every one of their products. Today, Karachi Bakery is a household name in every nook and corner of the globe.
Karma Foods
Margoa, Goa
Karma Foods is the brainchild of Mrs. Maria Vaz, who works her magic in the kitchen on a daily basis with authentic Indian and Goan spices. Everything that comes out of that kitchen stands as a testimony of the delicious authentic Goan Food, cooked with lots of love and style.
Kataria Grah Udyog
Udaipur, Rajasthan
Kataria Grah Udyog comes from the iconic city of Udaipur, Rajasthan. Started by Sarita Kataria in 2005, the company brings the finest healthy and delicious sweets to the discerning customers through their state-of-the-art production facility. Their mouth-watering katlis have made the brand a common household name, especially during festivals and celebrations. Sarita strives to take her specialties around the world with the support of her team.
Kettle Studio
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Kettle Studio is the brand that simply looking to make the perfect potato chips, after being disappointed with the industrial potato chips on the markets — all of which tasted exactly the same. Kettle Studio wanted to make the perfect chip, no less, and wanted to bring back the artistry in cooking our food. They decided to cook the old fashioned way, by carefully cooking each batch to perfection and to make no compromises in the ingredients we use. Here they didn't want to make a good chip, but wanted to make the perfect chip — made from real ingredients and cooked with finest refined sunflower for the best tasting chip with the biggest crunch and a signature bite.
Khavda Sweets
Kutch, Gujarat
Khavda Sweets is a brand popular for its delectable sweets not only in Bhuj and Kutch but also across Gujarat. It was founded by Mr.MurjiKimjiDavda in the year 1975. The brand takes pride in making a special range of sweets from 100 percent pure cow ghee and milk products. From boiling water in a pot to rolling out on a large marble slab, everything is prepared using the handmade techniques, adding a special traditional taste to all the products
Kotgarh Fruit Bageecha
Shimla, Himachal Pradesh
Kartik and Anuradha, a married couple had a successful professional career with the world’s biggest companies in Singapore. But their shared love and passion for food and the Himalayas brought them back to India. After deciding to pursue their passion, the couple relocated to Thanedhar, Himachal Pradesh to set up Kotgarh Fruit Bageecha, a boutique fruit processing unit. The brand now churns out lip-smacking delicacies made from high quality fruits grown in the laps of the fantastic Himalayas and the Sutlej.
Ranikhet, Uttarakhand
Umang has organized fruit growers to add value to fresh farm produce, especially soft fruits like apricots and plums ,through production and marketing of natural jams, jellies, pickles and chutneys.These natural preserves are hygienically produced, without the addition of artificial colors/flavors and marketed under the brand name KUMAONI.
Kwality World
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
This history of the authentic Kwality Stick Jaw Toffee started with my eldest uncle Mr. B.K. Ghai of Dehradun Kwality Restaurant who pioneered our famous toffees. Their toffees became a by word in Dehradun. It was his son Mr. M.Ghai who passed on this unique recipe to us on one condition that the secret formula should stay in the family. Raj Ghai belongs to the renowned family of Ghai's who pioneered the chain of Kwality Ice Creams and Restaurants all over India. He is the second generation member of the family. With his background and experience for over 25 years, he has used his skills to come out with exclusive ice creams, chocolates and toffees. He and his team are quality conscientious and wish to bring forth unique products using the finest of ingredients which will distinguish itself from other makers. Kwality Foods bring to you the same toffee which was manufactured over three generations with pride and care. These toffees are cooked in small batches in copper kettles. Only the finest ingredients are used. The result is superb confection distinctive in taste, flavour and texture.
Leeve Dryfruits
Nasik, Maharashtra
Leeve Dry Fruits is a well renowned name in the dry fruit industry since over a decade. Nashik has been their home and India their marketplace. At Leeve, only the finest and freshest products find a place which makes it a high quality destination for all kinds of dry fruits. Alongside, they also have some flavourful spices and chocolates as well.
Lovely Sweets
Amritsar, Punjab
Lovely Sweets House (P) Ltd. was founded by Late Shri Baldev Raj Mittal and is now a legendary sweet store not only in Punjab but also popular in the adjoining states as well. All their products are made with the highest quality standards and yet manage to replicate the traditional taste of India every time.
M H Foods