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Agrawals Delight
Indore, Madhya Pradesh
Agrawals Delight, a young and dynamic brand from the family of Agrawal Sweets, Indore has already carved a niche for itself in a short span of time. Known for its mouth-watering and tasty offerings, the brand enjoys a huge fan following. Their Fusion Sweets and Tasty Bakery Products are a must for every occasion. Crafted with pure passion, the products are offered in attractive packaging. The Brand has progressed with the launch of "Agrawal’s" a Boutique Shop in Ujjain thereby taking the famous taste of Indore to the next level.
Ahuja Bakers
Panipat, Haryana
Ahuja Bakers are a much loved brand based in the city of Panipat, Haryana. Since over three decades, they have been synonymous with cakes, pastries, brownies, pies, namkeens, cookies, chocolates and many more confectionary items. Their success is owed to the use of fresh and premium ingredients. Be it any party or craving, Ahuja Bakers will definitely have something to satiate your taste-buds.
Ajanta Sweets
Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh
Ajantasweets Enterprises is an endeavour to take the speciality of making sweets to the next generation, where you can enjoy the same authentic & ethnic taste perfected by the secrets passed on from generations. Not only we shall preserve the rich background of this art but shall continue to innovate and make sure that sweet lovers will keep falling in love with their 'love for sweets' and this great tradition is taken to even higher levels of perfection.
All Good Taste
Mohali, Punjab
The brand has a story as deep as its products and offerings. AG Taste is established by Chetan and his brother in loving memory of their late parents, Ajinder and Gurbir. Both their parents lost battles against fatal lesser known diseases, as Ajinder fell prey to cervical cancer and Gurbir couldn’t survive against muscular dystrophy. Chetan, an acclaimed chef in Michelin starred restaurants started AG Taste for their parents and even today, they donate a significant part of their earnings from their all-natural, holistic foods to the Indian Cancer Society and the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation India. AG taste is a story of family, loss and never-ending love.
Almond House
Hyderabad, Telangana
Impulse matched with an intense nine months of research resulted in the birth of ALMOND HOUSE towards the end of 1989. Assuming the customer's point of view and understanding the implied trust placed by them with regards to purity, taste, hygiene and health, the owners established the motto "Purity... in good taste! Purity... in good will!" Along with a wide assortment of traditional Mithai, Namkeen and Dry Fruits, Almond House also offers a diverse variety of Eggless Confectionery, Natural Ice Cream and Chocolate.
Altom's Foods
Thrissur, Kerala
Altom Foods was started in 1997, introducing a wide range of regional favourite snacks made with authentic traditional recipes. This brand will introduce you the most authentic regional flavours of Kerala along which will definitely leave a lasting impression. From the most common chips to the pakkavadas, Altom Foods will make your taste-buds tingle with every delicacy they offer.
Amba Bhadang
Kolhapur, Maharashtra
From the small but highly popular city of Kolhapur comes the brand Amba Bhadang. Their popularity is because of their phenomenal product named Kolhapuri Bhadang, which is made from puffed rice. This legendary producer does perfect justice to its authentic flavours, local ingredients and age old traditional recipes to please all its patrons, young and old.
Arti's Kitchen
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Arti’s Kitchen is all about authentic homemade chutneys that is multipurpose and can be consumed in daily cooking. Artis kitchen also concentrates on legacy of products which means the products which are or were made by grand-mothers and mothers since last 30-35years to get them on a bigger platform and promote women empowerement The chutney recipes have been passed on through generations, starting from the grandmother. Arti’s Kitchen was started with the idea to provide fresh, homemade chutneys for daily consumption that is healthy and delicious, and that’s what they’ve been doing since day one.
Azad Sweets
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Azad Sweets is a recognized manufacturer & seller of top quality food products and sweets started by Mr. Jumromal V Rochwani in 1st Jan 1958. Azad Sweets & Restaurant has progressed into a top-most brand for delightful sweets and namkeens. Sweets here are delightful healthy foods prepared by using the best ingredients, genuine ghee (butter) and fresh milk products under clean conditions, which gives it a unique identification. From 50 plus years, Azad sweets are still growing strong, serving a variety of sweets and foods in genuine variants in a proper way and winning hearts of customers. By seeing the modern appearance and marketing, azad sweets were the first to manufacture different kinds of delicious sweets in Ahmedabad at extremely affordable range.
Baba Thakur Das & Sons
Alwar, Rajasthan
Baba Thakur Dasji was a halwai even before coming to India from Pakistan after the partition. When he moved to India, he made Alwar his home and started making his specialty milk cakes there. The brand is now a huge success with daily sales of Kalakand between 800-1000 kg. Today, the whole family is involved together in making this business a great success.
Badhusha Lazeez
Bengaluru, Karnataka
Raisa Food Products (RFP) brings the finest and rarest recipes from the royal kitchens under the brand name of Badhusha Lazeez. Their range of mouth-watering pickles started in 1996 as a home consumption but then later expanded to serving the discerning customers. It was founded by Azam RM and is now under the effective leadership of his son Siddiq Pasha Azam. Their pickles come from the kitchens of Badhushahi Rajgharana and they produce over 5000 tons of tongue tickling pickles in their state-of-the-art facility on a daily basis.
Bageera Naturals
Bengluru, Karnataka
Bageera Naturals first brick was laid by the Grazier community successors with the ambition of re-introducing our traditional food product into the diet of every one by eliminating unhealthy refined, polished, packed food products by conducting awareness workshops and selling our products via our channel partners, order over email/phone and e-store (under process). Bageera Naturals acts as thin line bridge between small/marginal farmers and consumers. Bageera Naturals products are grown, processed and stored in an eco-friendly, chemical-free, natural manner, so that consumer gets the full nutrition value of the food.
Bansal Sweets
Amritsar, punjab
Bansal Sweets has been celebrating the sweetness of Punjab with its delectable sweets since 1981. Their sweets personify the spirit of Punjab along with innovation in every bite, which has been a signature of Bansal Sweets since its inception. Initiated by Mr. Ghanshyam Dass Bansal from Amritsar, today the sweet house has made its presence felt in Chandigarh and Delhi as well.
Bapalal Gomtighat Gotavala
Dakor, Gujarat
Bapalal Gomtighat Gotawala has been serving mouth watering gotas in Dakor since over 5 generations. They have brought the same taste to Ahmedabad with their shop in the city where they serve scrumptious items like Magaj, Lasan Bhakharwadi and many more. They are a food legacy which makes foodies delighted.
Baria Foods
Hyderabad, Telangana
Baria Foods specialises in making pickles which are simply extraordinary in taste and texture. Their exclusive range of pickles includes an illustrious mix of delicacies from Goan, Parsi and Mughlai cuisines. Once you taste Baria’s Pickles, you’ll definitely add it to your daily meals for the rest of your life.
Bazaari Funde