The taste of our favourite food items inspires memories
of idyllic childhood days,
of family celebrations,
of palaces long left behind.

Add to that the amazingly diverse culinary culture of India

OUR STORY BEGINS was founded in 2016 by Dr. Harmit Singh in the food-loving city of Ahmedabad, to bring India’s rich culinary diversity and authentic regional delicacies to every Indian’s doorstep, while paving the way for iconic vendors and innovative brands to effectively reach discerning customers.
We now have our exclusive outlets across Delhi, Gurgaon and Ahmedabad. Watch out for us – we are expanding – and we will be at a place near you soon. LOCATE OUR STORES
To be the omni-channel, experience-centric, curated platform for seekers and providers of -
Authentic regional delicacies
Innovative food products
Unique culinary offerings
Equipped with an eclectic assortment of timeless authentic products by multi-generation iconic vendors, coupled with our tireless spirit, we are on a mission – to develop an Omni-channel presence across India so that whenever an urban migrant misses an item from her home town, or a mother needs authentic ingredients to cook, or a family wishes to celebrate a festival with traditional sweets or a foodie wants to explore the epicurean richness of India – FoodMemories will be the answer.

Authentic flavors. Non mass-produced. Prepared with lots of love!

Customer Experience

We want to see a smile on your face. A smile when you discover your favorite food with us. A smile when you share delicacies with your friends and family. A smile when you realize that great food will now never be too far.


Love of food. Love for customers. Love for India.